Manuel Ferrara's Slutty And Sluttier 10

Added 8/11/2010 by EvilAngel
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Who is slutty and which one is sluttier? That's the question you may be asking yourself as you gaze deeply into your computer monitor and take in the amazing sights of Manuel Ferrara's latest Slutty and Sluttier film series effort. It's a logic problem conundrum that has no really wrong answer, unless you're into some really extreme naughty shit that involves folic acid, tin foil and a tongue depressor, in which case none of these girls is anywhere near the outskirts of slut town. MacGyver-esque sexual fetishes aside, there is also the small issue of how subjective and how fraught with minefields the criteria can be for these kinds of ranking systems. Nonetheless, you still can't help but find yourself urging out into the open your inner Olympic Games judge. To be frank, the eight lovely women in this film are all rather slutty. That answers the first part of the initial question. As for sluttier: is it Crissy Moon with the big glass dildo in her ass? Is it Jessica Bangkok because of the way she licks Manuel's ass while stroking his big dick? Or is it Brooke Belle, the mild-mannered reporter who seeks merely to interview Toni Ribas but ends up as part of a three-way that involves a bunch of toe sucking and cum eating? They and the others seem about on equal footing here, which is why there is no wrong answer. That does leave one unanswered and unasked question, which can be answered in two words: Lexi Belle. Yes, there can be only one girl to bask in the title of '-est' and she is the sluttiest of the bunch. No, she is not related to Brooke. Yes, I know you didn't ask. No, I didn't think you would be offended if I volunteered some added information to help in this review. Yes, I'll get back to the task at hand now. No, there won't be any more delays. Yes, I promise. Anyway, Lexi is growing up nicely, blossoming from a precocious young scamp to a curvaceously petite tramp. Not only is she is more comfortable in her own skin, making her more assertive and playful, but that last sentence rhymes. Lexi is still young, however, as her choice of wardrobe would indicate. Arriving on scene looking like a drink umbrella in her frilly pink skirt, she wastes little time flaunting her adult mouth in front of Toni's huge cock. She jacks and sucks his junk as the camera rolls from a distance. It's a nice voyeuristic POV touch, making you feel much like a peeping Tom, Dick, Harry or some other baby boomer-type name. The reasoning for it will become clear later. Lexi then straddles his beast, locking her white high-heeled pumps behind his legs as she rides. Not only has Lexi grown as a performer, but she has grown out her bush to a rather prominent pubic overgrowth, a look that seems to be gaining steam in the current porn climate. Steamy is an apt description of her as she puts her body and bush on full display here, getting fucked hard in RCG. Her small, but nicely natural tits also take center stage. Though she is confident enough to repel some of Toni's more forceful attacks, he does manage to get a bit of rough play, fucking her from the side and in mish thrusting his hips towards her pussy like he had a hula hoop attached to his waist. After some doggy, he fires his cum on her face, looking much like Spider-Man in the process!if the masked hero spun webs from his dick. At the end of that portion of the scene, we find out it was Ferrara behind the camera all the time, recording every bit of her Lexi's philandering, which pisses off Ferrara. It appears that although he'll gladly stand behind the camera and film it, he won't stand for such daring episodes of sex with other men in his house. Lexi is distraught and offers herself as consolation, but Manuel won't touch her until she showers the rogue cum off her face and tits and pussy. She emerges from the stall so fresh and so clean and proceeds to clean Manuel's cock with her mouth and tongue. Next come perhaps the best shots in the film. First you get to see Lexi grinding on his cock in CG, her now glistening pubes catching the light as her eyes roll into her skull like she just bit into some Dove chocolate. Next is a really excellent RCG shot, again in POV, giving you a perfect shot of Lexi's round behind, pussy and delicate asshole riding his cock. Your own dick hardness is a certainty. On top of that she comes in the process. If it is even possible, Manuel's cumshot is better. It's a POV of Manuel standing up, lording over Lexi as she lays on her back below him fingering her clit. The cum spurts out of his pulsing cock hitting her entire body, which lays on the floor three feet beneath him. Excellent! As for sluttier, the incredible Tori Black and Crissy Moon make their cases. Crissy is showing off the durability of some new granite countertops, hunkered down on top of them with her ass high in the air and a big glass dildo stuck inside as Manuel arrives on scene. Wearing his retro, Activision 'Kaboom!' outfit, he is not the least bit upset that some of his glassware is hiding in her tuckus or that it's going to take some serious Electrasol to get those streaks out. Tori, on the other hand, gets upset that Manuel marked up her bitch, though she is probably most upset that her bitch was sucking on Manuel's thick uncut cock without her okay and that it was she who wanted to do it. Tori takes over, but then forces Crissy onto it again, kind of suggesting that Crissy is less full of bad ideas and Tori is just a control freak. Crissy strips Tori out of her tight, hot pink leotards revealing one of the most gorgeous asses in the business. Tori jerks Manuel's cock as Crissy sucks, making for a pretty dynamic duo. There is plenty of two-fisted cock jerking and slapping and strangling as Manuel fucks Tori in mish. He then mashes her against the wall during the heat of passion. Meanwhile, Tori jacks his cock with two hands like she was rooting a massive clog from the kitchen sink. Speaking of which, there is a bit of an intermission as Tori goes to retrieve her friend who was meandering about the kitchen. Now part of the action, with heels over head, Manuel skirts his tongue across Crissy's tight asshole and Tori lathers up her clit and pussy. Manuel plugs up Crissy's asshole, driving his cock balls deep until she comes and her girl juice drips onto his thick piston. They endure a good threeway, which culminates in Crissy getting ass-fucked in CG as Tori straddles Manuel's face. It's a good shot as he licks Tori from underneath while Crissy licks her ass. The same can be said for Manuel. He unleashes eight straight-line rocket shots into their waiting mouths when he's had enough. The boy can really unload. Just when you think he's done, he's not. It's pretty amazing, as is the nearly 1-hour scene. Nika Noire and Brooke Belle round out the action with Brooke portraying a journalist sent to interview Toni, who is quite busy when she arrives. She gets the VIP treatment and the inside scoop on the porn scene like no other and he gets his cock inside her. But that's just disc one! There is a bonus disc with an hour more of material, featuring mega-booty queen Alexis Texas and big-titted Asian Jessica Bangkok 'Slutty and Sluttier 10' is exactly what you would expect from a Manuel Ferrara film. He is one of the most intense performers around, but he is a caring and thoughtful lover who makes his co-stars swoon. There are some rough elements, but they do not reach over-the-top levels. In fact, the rough parts are fairly infrequent and flow very well with the intensity that all parties exhibit during their scenes. Lovers of Threeway, Rough Sex, Gonzo and Anal will find plenty to enjoy here. But, if folic acid and tin foil is your idea of getting off, you may want to consider putting away the MacGyver DVDs for a while.
Manuel Ferrara's Slutty And Sluttier 10
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